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It doesn’t matter Who you are or What you do, You can enjoy Solitude too. Whether you seek less anxiety, answers to questions within, or to heal from hurtful past events. You can find the answers within yourself as you Meditate in Solitude.

Benefits of Meditation:

- Stress Relief

- Decrease Blood Pressure

- Controls Anxiety

- Enhance Self Awareness

- Improve Sleep

- Help Control Pain


What is included?

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 A Lifetime of Meditations

From beginner, intermediate to advanced. Explore a variety of meditations for your solitude needs.

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Download Guided Meditations

Enjoy the guided meditations as you go about your day, practicing your energy exercises and shifting your energy.

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Mobile App Access

Watch, Tune In and Connect to Soliciting Solitude through the App.

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Private Group

Share, Comment, and Connect to Tonya Dee along with other energetic beings in the Musing Club.

About your host


Holistic Sha'Medium Tonya Dee has been helping people find their center and live in alignment for over 20 years. She combines Shamanism with Holistic-based healing practices to provide you with a dynamic experience sure to change your life.

Soliciting Solitude Stages


Welcome to Soliciting Solitude

To start off, there are a few videos and introductory meditations to get you started. 

-Welcome to the Inward Journey

- About Your Instructor

Welcome to Soliciting Solitude

Stage One- Beginner

As you summon your Solitude, you can think of it as having three stages. We will practice these three stages and practice visualization.

Act 1- Three Steps of Solitude

Act 2 - Solitude Special Place

Act 3 - Re-Envision Yourself and Your World

Act 4- Visualization Meditation

Stage Two- Intermediate/Advanced

We will explore the brain wave patterns of Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma.

Act 1 - Introduction

Act 2 - Alpha

Act 3 - Imagination

Act 4 - Projector Part One

Act 5 - Projector Part Two

Act 6 - Improve

Act 7 - Psychic Operator

Act 8 - Crown of Light

Stage Three- 7 Day Ritual

We will explore the brain wave patterns of Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma.

Act 1 - Intention

Act 2 - Purge

Act 3 - Cleanse

Act 4 - Forgiveness

Act 5 - Purify

Act 6 - Self Love

Act 7 - Gratitude 

Stage Four-Elemental Meditations

We will explore the best ways to to do any kind of any elemental force meditation. Being at the front of a manifestation of a element allowing all of your senses to make direct contact.

Act 1 - Introduction

Act 2 - Inner Smile & Healing Lights

Act 3 - Water Element

Act 4- Wood Element

Act 5 -  Awaken Your Inner Fire

Act 6 - Earth Relationship

Act 7 - Harmonizing Inner Earth

Act 8 - Inner Metal Element

Act 9 - Last Elemental Meditation

Act 10 - Individuation Loop

Act 11 - First Individuation Loop

Act 12 - Second Individuation Loop

Act 13-  Rest of Cosmic Loops

Act 14 - Easy Breathing


Meditations From Other Offerings


- The Energy Body Demystified

  • Realm of Spirit
  • Connect to Spirit Animal
  • Experiencing Your Energy
  • Pulling In Cosmic Energy
  • Energetic Boundaries
  • Unseen Power of Thoughts and Emotions
  • Love and Kindness
  • Energetic Ablities & Gifts
  • Releasing Cords
  • And More!

- The Secrets of The Other World

  • The Places We Will Go
  • The Gatekeeper and Elements
  • Resonating with Elements
  • A State of Wholeness
  • Conversations with the Heart
  • Connecting to Colors 
  • Changing Perspectives
  • Higher Perspective
  • And Many More!

- Change Your Stars

  • Energy Exercise
  • Connect to Guardian and Gatekeepers
  • Heart Centric Meditation
  • Subtle Sister Meditations
  • Shaman's Portal Meditations
  • Imaginational Realm Meditations
  • Connecting to Earth Star
  • To Connecting to Elemental Beings
  • Kundalini 
  • Symbols
  • And other Bonus Meditations

Course Wrap Up

Curious about continuing your journey? I will explore different paths to take to continue you journey.

Wrapping Things Up

Continuing the Journey






One time payment

  • Soliciting Solitude guided meditations, and videos
  • Access Private Group for Weekly Live Calls



One Time Payment

  • The Energy Body Demystified 
  • Soliciting Solitude
  • Private Group
  • One on one Call with Tonya Dee
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Amber Gallegos

After I listen to the guided meditation Tonya recommended, my chakras are cleansed and I feel a sense of calmness. It has been a daily game changer for me.

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Arielle Nicole

Tonya provided me with the rough draft of the Buttercup meditation some months before polishing it up and offering it formally to her clients. After years of utilizing recorded guided meditations, I can state confidently that this is the most effective I’ve ever heard. If employed as a daily practice, it is a game changer; indeed a life changer!

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Rochelle Lloyd

Tonya Dee! I just want you to know how very much I have appreciated your caring advice, giving spirit & shared knowledge. It’s obvious that you practice what you preach. I mean look at you! You glow. And when a person can walk into a room & bring along that sort of warm light.