I shift what needs to be changed - freeing you up to be your best self!

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The Quantum field is an orchestra for what ails you. It's vast and forgiving all at the same time. Quantum is light, effervescent, it Makes you feel amazing. I not only study the Quantum Healing arena, I also craft the Indigenous Healing into it too, Merging Both Worlds.

Utilizing a playing field connected to the Divine Universe or the Heavenly Universe, the Realm of the Imagination - literally a play zone.  The world of the Elements in spirit and in reality, and the Pathway of power.

I honestly can't put into words, how I do this. I can only share "Why".

If you are here, you probably feel like you have no where else to go. Ashe'


Using the path of wisdom. I explore the star grid.  On your behalf,  I  travel to your personal space coordinates in the galaxy, The galactic highway is the universal realm, where all cosmologies mingle.  With childlike wonder,  I focus on the “WHY“ something happened or is happening. Using a knowing; faith and trust, I explore the "how" which is usually evident, but highly important.  The information comes in waves.  The frequencies change moment to moment . I sift through the information.  While exploring the galactic highway, I have access to your highest self .  Time and space are boundless. I too, am boundary-less . I can see you in all dimensions.  I shift what needs to be changed - freeing you up to be your best self! 

 My assistant, Amber, will schedule  your session.  As she schedules for me, I  tune in like a flash petitioning on the divine or heavenly universe on and for you. Come explore with me! 


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