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Muse: Inspiration, Creative Influence, Ponder, Reflect

Why Muse? So that you can embark on a transformative journey to discover your authentic self. Immersing yourself in our guided offerings designed to help you become the person you have always been. Choose the offer that resonates with your unique journey, so that you experience a profound sense of peace and clarity in our busy world. Deepen your spiritual connection, unlock the true potential within you as you begin to embark on a path of self-discovery and growth.


3 Simple Ways We Can Get Started Together . . .

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Soliciting Solitude Meditaiton Sets
A Vault of Free Resources to support you as you discover your gift & purpose, so that you are able to dive deeper into your personal  medicine & experience why you arrived.
We ALL have a Gift! We ALL have a Purpose! Every BODY has the ability to Connect with SPIRIT(s). 
Energetic Super Bundle
Get started with the basics of solitude and learn how to use it as a tool for clarity, inner peace, and relaxation.
Soliciting Solitude Meditation Sets: Initiate your subtle energy centers (chakras) and energetically shift your body, mind, and soul.
Change Your Stars Program
Ignite your Intuition, introducing "Change Your Stars." Not only will you initiate & activate your intuitive gifts, but also discover how your intuition can support & guide you. 
A deeper connection with Spirit(s) & community. Set Energetic Boundaries, Receive Clarity on your Gift(s), and have room for new growth, insights & universal wisdom. 

You are in the right space!

Do you keep seeing Angel Numbers 111

These offers are available for the special price of $111, inspired by Angel Number Pricing.

But why chose $111? This number serves as a gentle reminder that your life is aligning in a Divine manner. It signifies that the Universe is orchestrating everything to work out for your highest good, and its a call for you to maintain faith. Stay steadfast and embrace the journey with confidence. The time to act is now!

Unlock Optimal Vitality with Balance of B'ing

Transform your limitations and experience true vitality with our comprehensive Balance of B'ing offer. Explore the six natural resources within you for a healthier, happier life. Join now for guidance and support on your journey. 

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Transform Your Life with

the Art of Loving the Skin You're In

Heal, shift, transform, and manifest with this video series that teaches the art of loving the skin you're in. Journey from your heart to create the life you've always dreamed of. Start now and experience true transformation.

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Soliciting Solitude

Access a Lifetime of Guided Meditations. Why Solicit Solitude? There are a variety of benefits when we go to Source first, before we start our day. Soliciting Solitude is at the foundation of a Fantastic Day!

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You are in the right space . . .

  • Feeling the Nudge to create a stronger connection with the Other World? Source? Angels? Gatekeepers? Guardians? Ancestors? BUT aren't sure where to start?
  • Have an inner knowing that you arrived here with a gift & a purpose? 
  • Feel Stuck? Lost? Confused? By all the variety of "tools" to use?
  • Are feeling impassioned to Dive Deep into your core? Spiritual Truths? Indigenous Wisdom?
  • Seek a Village of Other Worldly Allies?

Get Started with Energy Healing - Energy Body DeMystified

Embark on a journey of energy healing? The Energy Body DeMystified offers an 11-stage course for beginners. Learn from a healer's guidebook and gain insights and tools for immediate use, replication, and personal growth. Start shifting, healing, and creating the life you desire now.

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Uncover Secrets of the Otherworld

Learn how to connect to the Ancient Energies of your Ancestors, utilizing your mind in its pure form to manifest your goals & intentions.

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Voices of the Other World

After Uncovering Secrets of the Other World, Embark on a Journey to Connect with Beings of the Other World, so that you have an Ally to assist you! Often, the beings of the Unseen world can assist us, so that we become an Ally working with them to align with a new way of being!

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Learn Your Intuitive Gift & Style

We ALL arrive  here with a Gift & a Purpose. A Spiritual Acumen to Feel & Sense, even hear telepathically answers with clarity. However, once you know your Gift, it's much easier to trust & discern the guidance when you are aligned with your senses. Find out yours here! 

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The Shaman Healing Academy

Step into a world of enchantment, the Shaman Healing Academy (SHA)! We're thrilled to unveil a community offering - an exclusive Membership and/or Mentorship led by the Tonya Dee. Dive deep into the realms of magic, medicine, and ancient ritual practices through comprehensive courses. For just $19.99 $3.99 for the first month, you'll unlock the door to a vibrant community along with a treasure trove of knowledge. Embark on this mystical journey with us and transform your understanding of the mystical arts.

Unlock an extraordinary opportunity valued beyond $1296, now accessible for an incredible $19.99  $3.99 for the first month. Elevate your journey with access to a Monthly Mentorship, designed to offer you an abundance of additional benefits, growth & transformative experiences.

The Shamanic Healing Academy (SHA), under Tonya's guidance, is continually evolving, introducing new and enriching Monthly Group Sessions, Rituals and much more.

Seize the moment--join us today & you'll receive an email brimming with all the exciting deets. Don't let this chance to delve into the transformative world of magic, medicine, and ritual practices pass you by. Transform your life; sign up now!

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Let Others Inspire You

Thanks Tonya Dee!! For working with me to develop my customized program, that fits my lifestyle & Personality!

Aimee Whetman


Tonya is Insightful & Very Wise with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful for her Guidance in a recent session with her. It's opened my eyes to possibilities I'd never considered before. 

Maria M., Australia


Two Years of Musing! What can I even say? Thank You for Always Being the Voice of Reason!!! 




Working with Tonya is Raw, Real and UPLIFTING!

Shell Divination was new to me before I met Tonya a few years ago. Her readings go deep. I always get clear about what is blocking me, the lessons I am being called to embrace, and what is waiting on the other side.

The Rituals she has given me throughout the years are POWERFUL and have shifted me into alignment with my Higher Self. Tonya breathes her purpose and service. I am grateful to have her on my journey. Her support has been essential to my growth. 

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Hey There

I'm Tonya Dee! Your Holistic Sha'Medium


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More About Me

Your Life Can Transform. Let's Awaken Your Power Within

A passionate Holistic Sha'Medium dedicated to transforming lives through spiritual awakening.

Tonya has a unique talent for guiding individuals to tap into their innate intuitive abilities, helping them to live in alignment with their soul's purpose. With her expertise in the realm of the unseen and otherworldly perspective, Tonya is a modern-day shaman, gifted with a different perspective on life.

Having experienced death at a young age, she was inducted into a spiritual hall of fame, which only fuels her drive to help others live empowered, fulfilling lives.

Join Tonya on this journey to access your divine soul blueprint and bring your gifts to life.



Holistic Sha'Medium Tonya Dee


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