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Who is Tonya Dee?

Holistic Sha'Medium Tonya Dee - About

Before there was any online intuition or guidelines, I was on my own Highway – an Inter-Netted – Subtle Body, Spirit Space, commonly known as the “Etheric Highway.” Where I do most of my Energetic work.

I have a plethora of stories – but none of them include a smooth ride into the World of Spirit.

I never had High Corporate Ideals or College aspirations. I was on a COMPLETELY different Pathway. An Energy Highway, I Sensed, Saw, Heard, and Felt most of the Outer World influencing the Inner World of Being. Now, who would you tell that story too?

When I finally got the “it’s” the trivial pursuit of the traditional world Highway was on a Curve – it was time to get “Out of my Toe and Into my Skin.” Messages from other Planes and Dimensions lead me to the place I am at now. The funny thing is – if I had Tuned in earlier, or even at a younger age – Where would I be Now?

I quickly EnVisioned – along with my Guru, “Excalibur” – (More on that snippet later)

“I am Assisting the Peeps!! They need an Assistant to their Healing”

The first few years were an Exploration of all things – You hear the word Medium and what do you think of? Most people see or think it’s all about the deceased, a loved one on the “Other Side”. Which it can be, however, I asked my guide what I should call myself – and quickly – “Holistic Medium” popped into my head.

I then, started to envelop the Energy World beyond a “normal” view. I came across a Modernized Shaman from the Ancient World – Malidoma Patrice’ Some 😉 I “knew” he was the one to assist me. And that, He definitely did – too!

You see, a lot of what happens to us is actually for us. What?? Would I have been ready for what is happening now if I had started earlier? I doubt it – those Mixed Up, Messed Up Steps happened for a reason – to get me on my Pathway.

So I Came Off the Roof


I discovered that Healing is actually Assisting others in their Journey, helping them to achieve their Dreams.

Two Sides of the Same Coin. So, I have been nipping and tucking away in the Spirit world, or the World of Energy, scaling it down to a learning curve:

  • How to connect with the unseen world - What are your Talents, Gifts and Life Purpose?
  • I created a Corridor Exclusively for where You are at NOW
  • How to Build and Promote your Unique Being with Purpose - that you get so excited to wake up, continue and share!


And the Most Amazing Thing OF ALL . . . 

I discovered how to optimize my time & create a Venue for your Own "Me"-ality! 


Over the Years, I have created a reputation for being a bit "OUT-THERE!" 

Not just sometimes, or frequently - to all the time ...

But to get to the nitty gritty, and to let you know that you are not alone, build your confidence, without letting the guru's get in the way. The Gremlins that shut down the highway.

You can "DIY," however, You can Do it Better too! I am here to assist You - YOU are your own Healer!

I teach what I have experienced, tools that I work with consecutively, along with consistently. Creating Habits, Rituals, Daily Offerings - that Spark you to get your own Energy Flowing.

If you like what you're reading and want to jump into my Corridor right away, Check out one of my Gifted "How-to" guides.

Are You Ready to Change the Energy of Your Future? 

If you have read thus far, I'd say that is a hard YES! 

I promote, & more importantly feel that "Changing Lives, Igniting Passions on the Information Supra Highway ~ While Awakening the Spirit" is my Gift to YOU!

Because YOU are Ready to Commit!

That's why you're here ;)

That's why - You are in the Midst of Mapping Out the Mind & Crafting an Escape Plane.

That's why date night has gone into the river - with a slow flow, and steady current. You know you want "MORE," but are not sure "what" more of "What" is.

By reading this, you have proven that you are up for CHANGE! You just want ot make Absolutely sure you are Creating the Change at the Right Time.

And FEEL Confident that every essence of your BEING you INvest will Shift infinity percent

Ready to take Your Big Stand and get REAL with your Energy Being?

Host of a "Way Too Woo-WOO," Slightly Out-There, Yet MAGICALLY Transformational PODCAST: Musing with TONYA DEE 

If you want to learn how to connect with the Cycle of the Seasons

If you are looking for an easier way to align passion with your purpose...

If you're looking for that EDGE that can give you the an OtherWorldly Perspective!

. . . then you're gonna LOOOOOVE the Musing with Tonya Dee Podcast!

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My name is Tonya Dee, which translates to "Priceless Fairy Queen!" And if you know me, I spend time "Feeding the Fae!"

I am a Holistic Shaman and Medium, An Otherworldly Life Coach, Subtle Energetic Surgeon & a Reflector in Human Design.

I do go by the term "Holistic SHA'Medium," merging them all into one insightful Offering to guide you on your own Journey.

I am here with a Realm of OtherWorldly Beings, Angels, Elementals, the Fae and More. Ready to assist you to take the World by Storm. By gaining insight, clarity - accessing the Ancient Wisdom in your Bones!

How? By creating Sacred Space - Ritual Prescriptions and Offerings! Not Sure if I am for You? 

Go ahead and Schedule a 1:1 Coaching Session, I'll roll the Shells and "see" what comes in. Being a "Seer to the Unseen," looking into the worlds. I allow Spirit to Guide me. I am a conduit. You are your own healer. You already know the answer. But sometimes we need an outside Source to let us know, "We aren't Crazy!" 

ashe' Ashe' ASHE" (BLESSINGS)!



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Transformation Happens When . . .

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My method for living a more peaceful life is a simple, easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the Body, the Mind, Soul and Spirit to Access your

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