There has never been a time like now...

         Picture a life where you not only understand your unique strengths
        but also passionately live out your purpose every single day.
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This Event is ALL about Gift and Purpose, the Elementals, Subtle Energy, Celestial Energies, Ritual and More!

Be sure to Register! Why? A Fantastic Grimoire for your Personal Medicine Journey. Plus a 'Celtic Tree Divination' eBook!


Gift & Purpose

We all have a unique gift and talent, a prime directive that we came into this world with. Personal Medicine!

Personal Medicine 

Learn the foundation of your Gift and Purpose, so that you may bring your Personal Medicine into the World.

Establish Boundaries

Learn how to hold space for yourself and establish healthy boundaries with others.

Gift and Purpose Workbook

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our Gift and Purpose Workbook Companion. Designed to complement your exploration of Gift and Purpose, this workbook offers invaluable insights, exercises, and reflections to deepen your understanding and integration of the concepts covered in the event.


Why Use the Workbook?

Enrich your journey of self-discovery and personal growth with the Gift and Purpose Workbook Companion. Here's why incorporating this resource into your exploration is essential:

  1. Deepen Your Insights: Dive deeper into the concepts of Gift and Purpose with thought-provoking exercises and reflections designed to expand your awareness and understanding.

  2. Apply What You Learn: Translate insights from the event into actionable steps and tangible outcomes with practical exercises and activities that empower you to integrate your newfound wisdom into your daily life.

  3. Enhance Your Journey: Elevate your experience of the event by utilizing this workbook as a tool for ongoing reflection, growth, and transformation. Harness its potential to support you on your journey towards self-realization and fulfillment.


Exploring Dagara Cosmology in the Journey of Gift and Purpose

Join us as we delve into the depths of Dagara Cosmology and uncover its timeless wisdom to enrich our exploration of Gift and Purpose.

Key Elements of Dagara Cosmology:

The Five Elements: Central to Dagara Cosmology are the five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and mineral. These elements are not merely physical substances but embody spiritual energies that shape the fabric of existence. By attuning ourselves to the rhythms of these elements, we align with the flow of life and deepen our connection to the universe.

Embrace Nature's Wisdom: Exploring Celtic Tree Divination Ebook

Join Gift and Purpose and you'll have this FREE Celtic Tree Divination Ebook, a sacred practice rooted in ancient Celtic wisdom and the profound connection between humans and nature. In this exploration, we delve into the depths of the Celtic Tree Ogham, a symbolic language of trees used for divination and spiritual guidance. Join us as we unlock the secrets of the forest and harness the wisdom of the trees to illuminate our path and purpose in life.

Exploring Celtic Tree Divination ebook:

  1. Intuitive Connection: Begin by cultivating a deep connection with nature and the trees. Spend time in natural settings, meditate under your favorite tree, and attune yourself to the subtle energies of the forest.

  2. Selecting a Method: Choose a divinatory method that resonates with you, whether it's casting Ogham staves, drawing Ogham cards, or simply listening to the whispers of the trees. Trust your intuition and allow the wisdom of the forest to guide you.

 Align Your Gift, Love Your Purpose . . .

Event RePLAY

There has never been a time like Now to initiate your Personal Medicine. The World is Transforming faster than that of our Ancestors. Knowing your Gift & Loving Your Purpose, your Personal Medicine, why you arrived at this time to shine your inner Brilliance - Living your Prime Directive, is of Urgency in this World. 

Are you Ready to Answer the Call? In this Intimate online Event, Tonya Dee is sure to open your eyes. Aligning your Personal Medicine (Gift) and Loving the Skin YOU are IN (Purpose), the Elementals, along with the Subtle Energies, and Celestial Bodies! 

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Tonya also offer's online Cowry Shell Divinations. For an insightful One-on-One experience, choose from the options below.  👇 👇 👇 

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  • Elemental Highway
  • Subtle Energy Centers
  • Celestial Bodies
  • Personal Guide (workbook)
  • "Celtic Tree Divination" eBook

Begin your self discovery of Gift & Purpose, the Cosmology of the Dagara, + More!

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A Holistic Shaman, Medium, Otherwordly Life Coach, and Subtle Energy Surgeon.

A "Reflector" by Design, I go by the term Holistic Sha'Medium, which is a choreography of them all.

Join me on a journey of Gift & Purpose.

Where I will share insight into, the Elemental Highway, Unveiling hidden treasures along the way!

See you on the other side...

Cowry Shell Divination Options 

20 Minute

Comfort Session


  • Insights
  • Path of Discovery
  • Gift & Purpose
  • Prescription Ritual
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30 Minutes


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  • Personal Medicine
  • Gift & Purpose
  • Prescription Rituals
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Exclusive Prescriptions

  • Personal Medicine
  • Gift YOU Bring to the World
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