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A Corridor to gain access to your Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Abilities, so you can connect to your Soul Purpose!

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Love the Skin You're In Offer

Master the Art of Loving The Skin You're In

Start healing, shifting, transforming and manifesting - from the inner Chalice, the Heart - to create the life of your dreams with this video series!

A Mini-Series starting with 4 Videos, Plus Printable/Interactive Workbooks!


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The Energy Body Demystified

Curious and New to the World of Energy Healing?

In the Energy Body DeMystified, I hand over an 11 Stage Energetic Course for those who are ready to start shifting, healing, aligning, and creating the life of their dreams. Mapping Out the Beginning Stages, a Foundation - straight from a healers guidebook. Offering insights and tools right into your hands - to use, replicate and make your own!

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Change Your Stars

Awaken and Embrace your Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Abilities, so that you are aligned with the Star that you ultimately are. 

First Take the "Change Your Stars" Quiz! Secondly, Click the button below to see how you too Can initiate your Spiritual Gifts Navigating Your Star Story and Live Your Life Purpose with ease!

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Uncover the Secrets of the Other World

Secrets of the Other World

Focusing on them individually:

  • the Elemental World,
  • Gateway to the Imagination
  • The Shamans Portal,
  • Beings in the Other Realms, Angels and Archangels
  • Along with the Galactic Frontier.¬†¬†
  • And MORE!
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Connecting with the Beings of the Other World, so that you have an Ally to assist you in this one!

Voices of the Other World, the World of Spirit, Source, etc., - often the beings of the Unseen world can assist us, so that we become an Ally working with them to align with a new way of being! 



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Discover 30 PLUS Action Packed Phases to Manifestation 

In "A Witchers Way to Manifestation," you will Discover how to Monetize your Medicine, utilizing your most powerful tool (YOU), so that manifesting and creating the life of your dreams becomes a day-to-day reality.



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Do You Know that for Only $3.99 for the first month, you can enjoy ALL of these Offerings and more?

(After the First Month the rate of $19.99/mo applies)

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enhance your experience at an unbeatable value. The Shaman Healing Academy, the 'SHA' in the Medium, I house an online Library of ALL my Offerings, plus other magickal insights.


Want more of a One on One Experience with Tonya Dee?

We experience MisSteps, in a variety of routines. Often, there are patterns involved ‚Äď Patterns of: Thought, Behavior, Anxiety, Restlessness, Sadness, Fear, Shame and more.

Depending on what type of issue we are having mental or physical will depend on which type of session we will need.

Check below to check out the different type of one on one sessions available.

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