Kontomble Voice Diviner

This is your Invitation to collaborate with beings in the otherworld. Kontomble', Geni, the Wedeme' each have a magical way of communicating their wisdom with us. TeachingĀ us Joy, Magic, Poetry, Laughter and Love of Life.Ā 

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This is your Invitation to collaborate with beings in the otherworld. Kontomble', Geni, the Wedeme' each have a magical way of communicating their wisdom with us. Teaching us Joy, Magic, Poetry, Laughter and Love of Life. 

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The Kontomble are calling to you.

In Burkina Faso, West Africa - the Dagara Tribe, the Elemental Beings are called the Kontomble’, (the Little People, the one who comes to the bell). In other cultures they are known by many names: Leprechauns, fairies, gnomes, menehune, and much more.

The Medicine and Message is universal in nature. These otherworldly beings have been here since the beginning. As beings who guard the earth, they are also - oftentimes said to come to this dimension through portals of nature and elements - caves, lightning - trees, forests, mountains, streams, even earthen homes in the hills.

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Many cultures, tell the stories of these small magic people

with long hair and darkened skin who were there to show human-kind the way, how to live, and how to create a life that is reciprocal with all that is.

They have lived amongst humanity for centuries, many of us, unknowingly carry there blood in our veins. Across the ages, these so called little people who really aren’t so little, have carried the magic, the medicine, the ceremony, the ritual, the culture, the music, the poetry, and the memories in our bones of what we once were and also can be again.


They are the wee-folk, the Fae, the beings in the mist.

They are our ancestors, our relatives, the guardians and more importantly our friends.

They have been resuscitated, after being pushed underground, hidden in caves, all throughout nature really - the recesses of our minds, cast into the land of make-believe - the land of fairy tales. Even demonized by the power that quaked through the earth to disconnect us all from our innate nature, our inner heart, our spiritual acumen.

They are the original stewards of the earth, they are the bridge - they have always been a part of this world and the next. More than ever, now, they are wanting to connect with us and guide us through these magical times of transformation that we are in.

"I should say something about Kontombles, because they are kind of being which you will see in certain Western Mythologies. They are referred to, for instance in Ireland as Leprechauns. These beings are very well known through out the Dagara Tribe and they are said to be the ones that provided Dagara people with all the magical knowledge they have."

- An excerpt from Water and The Spirit by Elder Maldoma Patrice Some'

They Are Calling.

Receive the messages, prescriptions, and a direction to inner nature. Schedule a Kontomble Voice Divination today!Ā 

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Rich Fabert 

"I can not say enough amazing things about Tonya. She has been there for me through some of my most difficult struggles.

I am someone who has struggled with addictions over the years. I have had number of different challenges. To be able to have someone I can go to, to be able to help step intuitively outside myself. To an energetic level of healing that she has provided me with has been incredibly beneficial."

Maria M

"Tonya Is Insightful and Very Wise  with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful  for her Guidance in a Recent session  with her. It’s opened my eyes to  Possibilities I’d Never Considered Before."

Kim Gunderson

"Hi my name is Kim, I am so excited to speak on the behalf of my work and experience with Tonya Dee. I can't say that I have ever encountered someone who is so generous of her heart and spirit.

I reached when I was feeling a little desperate because I live in an area where there is horrible fires. Tonya gave me practical and clear direction that was infused with magic."

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