How a Modern Day Diviner Utilizes Methods of the Origin, to Transform Adversity!  

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Have you heard of Cowry Shell Divination?

A Unique Method used to address symptoms of adversity and ways to resolve them.

The Querent moves the shells to address the issue at hand. I, the Diviner, then read the shells offering Guidance and Specific Prescriptions to address the Adversity Root Issue.

The Cowry Shell Divination is a multi-faceted and adaptable modality that can address any number of sought after inquiries, that may be of present concern, such as:

  • Relationships

  • Occupation

  • Health

  • Anything that is relevant to your present interests.

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A Cowry Shell Divination is a Powerful and Ancient Shamanistic Divination Tool. It provides a timeless view of the "Energy" you currently carry and offers a clear pathway for you to achieve your Dreams and Aspirations.

For Thousands of Years, Tribal Shamans and Diviners have used Cowry Shells as a gateway to the unseen world. Having been Trained and Certified to do this extensive and proficient method of Divination by my mentor, Elder Malidoma Patrice Some', An African Shaman of the Dagara Tribe, Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa.

In addition to identifying the obstacles that are currently holding you back from your greater self, assisting you in turning the light on to the path of positive direction for you, along with finding solutions that will overcome these obstacles to connect you to your Genius.

These sacred shells are said to be the doorway through which we can access the world of the Ancestors, the world that holds infinite knowledge, wisdom and a timeless view we cannot otherwise tap into. Whether tossed on a grass mat, laid on a wooden board, or spread on my sacred cloth made of hide, Cowry Shell Divinations are an age-old art, rich in history and tribal tradition.

"The clock tells you everything and keeps you busy enough to forget that there could be another way of living your life.” 

― Malidoma Patrice Somé, Ritual: Power, Healing and Community

It is only recently that the Dagara Cowry Shell Divinations have come to the West. This Particular Cowry Shell Divination features: Cowry Shells in different sizes, Elemental Stones, along with various other “objects” and non-shell items. Due to its extreme complexity and undisturbed tribal roots, this approach has proven to be profoundly helpful and extremely accurate.

This reading is a one-on-one, half an hour-long session that can be done in person, or via Skype. I am the diviner who studies the objects used for the Cowry Shell Divination providing the constitution and the dynamics for the meaning of the reading.

If you have any questions about Cowry Shell Divinations before you purchase your session email [email protected].


About your host

Holistic Sha'Medium Tonya Dee has been helping people find their center and live in alignment for over 35 years. She combines Shamanism with Holistic-based healing practices (Subtle-Energy) to provide you with a dynamic experience sure to change your life.

Holistic Sha'Medium Tonya Dee


If you are ready to get guidance to your inquiries you can purchase a one-on-one, hour long session or half an hour-long session.

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One Hour Session

  • One on one Cowry Shell Divination reading.
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One Half Hour Session

  • One on one Cowry Shell Divination reading.
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Maria M, Melbourne, Australia

"Tonya Is Insightful and Very Wise  with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful  for her Guidance in a Recent session  with her. It’s opened my eyes to  Possibilities I’d Never Considered Before."

Rochelle Lloyd, Arizona

Tonya Dee! I just want you to know how very much I have appreciated your caring advice, giving spirit & shared knowledge. It’s obvious that you practice what you preach. I mean look at you! You glow. And when a person can walk into a room & bring along that sort of warm light.

Kim Gunderson

Hi my name is Kim, I am so excited to speak on the behalf of my work and experience with Tonya Dee. I can't say that I have ever encountered someone who is so generous of her heart and spirit. I reached when I was feeling a little desperate because I live in an area where there is horrible fires. Tonya gave me practical and clear direction that was infused with magic.

Divination is an effective tool for tackling the crisis of the human psyche in modern times. Divination clarifies the meaning of the Soul's quest and sheds light to the obstacles to overcome the way to successful living. In other words, divination does not just tell you what is going on in your life; it tells you what you need to do in order to flow into your gifts and filfull your purpose. Divination provides a positive spin on human challenges by emphasizing gifts and purpose.


~ Malidoma Some'

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