30 Action Packed Phases to Manifestation

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Techniques to

Raise Your Vibration 

When you effectively raise your vibration, you can manifest what your heart truly desires.


Advanced Chakra Knowledge 

In-depth knowledge about how each of the 12 Chakra Centers can be utilized for vital energy flow and manifesting.

Energetic Boundary Exercises

Creating sacred space daily where ever you go, to keep your vital energy field protected.

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It's a Soul Journey. Removing Energetic Blocks, Creating New Beliefs, and Recalibrating your Mind.

Creating your Personal Love story And so much more!

You can evolve into a Magnetic Manifest-or from the comforts of your home!

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Manifest Your Heart Desires

It’s time for you to surrender and watch as your manifestations come true.

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Isn't it time to start Listening to your Soul's Desires...

We are going to navigate the Witchers Map and get you rolling on our Dreams to be a Magnet of a Manifesto.

Through the realms of the Elements, the Subtle Centers and the Cosmos!

There is plenty of time to start manifesting, but how much time has been wasted already not pursuing your Dreams?

Today is the day to change that! Are you ready for this game changing adventure?

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What others have to say about Tonya Dee....

Arielle Nicole

“Tonya provided me with the rough draft of the Buttercup meditation some months before polishing it up and offering it formally to her clients. After years of utilizing recorded guided meditations, I can state confidently that this is the most effective I’ve ever heard. If employed as a daily practice, it is a game changer; indeed a life changer! ”

 Aimee Whetman

"Thanks Tonya Dee!! For Working with me to develop my customized  Program that fits my lifestyle and  Personality."

Maria M, Melbourne

"Tonya Is Insightful and Very Wise  with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful  for her Guidance in a Recent session  with her. It’s opened my eyes to  Possibilities I’d Never Considered Before."

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Q&A to answer all your questions

During the Live, in the private facebook group, or within your Voices of the Other World account you can get answers your questions. 

Group discussion & energy forum

You can discuss what you discover on your Journey with the collective or Tonya to expand your spiritual awakening.

4 Stages of Manifesting 

Join me and the Witchers Collective for each Module of Witchers Way to Manifestation.

After the live is over you can enjoy the replay on your profile. This can be helpful if you missed a section during the live.

Start Manifesting Your Soul Desires


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Holla! I Am Tonya Dee

I have been assisting people in the Healing Realm for over 35 years.

I originally started in the beauty industry and expand my wings into the Healing Arts of Holism, Shamanism, and Energy medicine.

My mission is Changing Lives, Igniting Passion on the Information Highway, while  Awakening the Spirit that Resides within You.