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Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery as you Unveil Your Personal Story.

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5 Day Immersion

Day 1


Setting the Stage

Why Energetic Boundaries? Setting the Foundation so that you are protected from the outside in and the inside out. Similar to how locking your front door sets a boundary in the Physical. Discover How to utilize the Elements to set your foundation, calling in an Elemental Being for protection, Being Centered, Open and Closing Space.

Day 2


Gift and Purpose

Merging with the Elements we can discover: our Gift and Our Purpose, Release what is no longer serves us, Recognizing our Authentic Self, Become a Conduit by connecting to our Higher Self, Our Siura. Identify where we do belong, and Nurturing our Prime Directive - Our Personal Medicine so that we are in the flow and the Synchronicities of life.

Day 3

Connecting the Subtle and the Elemental

The Energy Centers, the Elemental Realm as Doorways gathering Information on the Highway. Working with the centers to figure out the elements that creates our current threads. Each Energetic Center Opens and Closes at its own unique time. You may find that you have a center that is blocked from flow. Our own personal Orchestra.

Day 4


The Cosmic Soup Bowl

Adding in the Planets, as Otherworldly messengers to be the Star that we are. The Magical Being that Resides within, their association with the subtle centers, and more.

Day 5


Discovering the Path

Awakening your Prime Directive, your Inner Genius. To live your life purpose. Being ignited, in the flow, identifying where you belong, being a conduit, while allowing for transformation. Your Personal Medicine that you are offering the world.

My Dream For YOU...

Is that with Each New Day, you awaken the Magical Being (spirit) that dwells within you, by truly Seeing yourself with a renewed perspective and embracing the transformative power of the information Super Highway. Experience a Life Transformed, with your Passions Ignited, as you embark on a journey to live in harmony with the true essence of your soul. Let the vibrant energy of the information Super Highway guide you towards discovering your authentic self and embracing the limitless possibilities that await you.

Portal is Open, the next immersion starts 02/09/2024


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What People are Saying


Cyndi Dale, Author Intuitive Healer

Tonya is one of the most precise and talented energy workers I have ever been honored to know, and absolutely excels at "psychic surgery."

Her ability to conceptualize the energetics causing a difficulty is unsurpassed. Even more important, she can transform those challenges with her unlimited capacity to create good where there is harm. Her depth, wisdom, intuition, and spiritual capabilities are absolutely astounding. 

Erica Thibodeaux, MS, LPC, Mental Health Therapist

My insulin pump was not delivering insulin for a few hours. My blood sugar is very high and my insulin supplies are checked on the plane. I had a few hours of flying and I just needed to get to Minnesota and to my luggage safely. I reached out for any other worldly support.

Tonya reached out replying," Sending healing streams your way".

I felt her presence and I also feel like I sound crazy. My blood sugar dropped by 100!

Tonya, you saved me. I saw your face and felt a twist in my pancreas. Then my blood sugar went down by almost 100 in a few minutes! You are a miracle.

Rich Fabert

I can not say enough amazing things about Tonya. She has been there for me through some of my most difficult struggles.

I am someone who has struggled with addictions over the years. I have had number of different challenges. To be able to have someone I can go to, to be able to help step intuitively outside myself. To an energetic level of healing that she has provided me with has been incredibly beneficial.

Kim Gunderson

Hi my name is Kim, I am so excited to speak on the behalf of my work and experience with Tonya Dee. I can't say that I have ever encountered someone who is so generous of her heart and spirit. I reached when I was feeling a little desperate because I live in an area where there is horrible fires. Tonya gave me practical and clear direction that was infused with magic.

Maria M, Melbourne, Australia

"Tonya Is Insightful and Very Wise  with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful  for her Guidance in a Recent session  with her. It’s opened my eyes to  Possibilities I’d Never Considered Before."


"Two Years of Musing! What can I even say. Thank You for Always Being the Voice of Reason!!! Much Love!"

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