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About Tonya

Hello, it's me Tonya Dee

I am a Holistic Medium who intuitively reads energy. Creating an environment for Holistic, Healing and Healthy Musings. You will discover Courses, Classes, and Events all about Energy Medicine and Wellness, along with Nutrition. Incorporating Inner and Outer Beauty - with the space in between.

Are you ready to change the energy of your Future?

I promote, and more importantly feel that “Changing Lives, Igniting Passions, on the Information Highway ~While Awakening the Spirit” Is my gift to you!

Because You ARE Ready to commit!

That’s why you’re Here ;)

That’s why - You Are In the Midst of Mapping Out the Mind and Creating an Escape plan.

That’s why date night has gone into the river - with a slow flow, and steady current. You know you want "More", but are not sure "What" more of "What" is.

That’s why you’ve invested in the patterns and places of the world, wondering are the "What if’s" - making the pay off?

By reading this, You have proven that you are up for Change! You just want to make absolutely sure you are Creating the Change at the Right time.

And Feel Confident that every essence of your Being you invest will shift 100X

Ready to take Your Big Stand and get REAL with your Energy Being?

Start by diving into my Musing Club Corridor - A Venue for Healing


Here are some of Tonya's certifications:


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