Magic in the Mountains,
A Mongolian Retreat

Coming August 2024



It's like adult summer camp... with adventure... and Magic!

Ghost stories, new friends, lavish food, random break-outs into song, adventures, trying new things and the memories we keep for a life time are what retreats are made of! 

If you're ready to feel the Magic of Mongolia, Join us August 2024!

You're probably like most of the 'grown-ups' I know who have forgotten how to truly let go, allowing our senses to come alive, play! Daily routines, responsibilities - have replaced imagination and flow, expectations have eroded our dreams, and little time is left for ourselves at the end of the day.

When we're trying to activate our inner genius, our gift & purpose, lean into that magical life, that ho-hum monotony of the everyday world doesn't work. We need inspiration, community, deep conversations, friends who are on the same path. Ways to break out of the norm, so that we can see how our body truly wants to come alive. The easiest way to do that?

Un-Plug with other magical AF peeps for a few weeks in a magical vortex that will awaken every fiber of your being.

You'll leave changed. We promise.

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You know how sometimes it takes forever and a day to download all of the insights inside of the Shamanic  Healing Academy and make it stick?!

You don't have to trudge through anymore.

We're doing it together in this immersion, in the Magic of Mongolia

Oh, the places we will go...


Rituals, and Offerings as we travel to different Villages and Nomadic Families

Hot Springs

A destination called "Shargalzuut," hot and cold water treatment center in the Bayankhongor Province.

Elsen Tasarkhai (Sand Dunes)

Look no further for the preparation techniques you've been looking for.

And so much Ancient Wisdom

Access the Wisdom of the Origins, dancing back, and back in time as we draw forward the information to know now about our purpose for being here on planet Earth.


Join Shine ... and Tonya Dee for an Earth School meeting ground for an intensive acceleration like you have never experienced before. 

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Coming August 2024

(Dates to be announced, February 2024)

This 14-Day Retreat is all-inclusive, journey into the cultures, supporting your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Your Mongolian Adventure Registration includes:

  • Duration: 14 days, 13 Nights. 2 Nights in Ulaanbaatar, 4 Star Hotel. 3 Nights, 1 Night at National Park in Tourist Ger Camp with Wild Horses. 6 Nights in tents with Beds and Mattresses. 3 Star Local Hotel.  (Email us if you would like to have your own personal private space, additional $1100)
  • Transportation: 4x4 Vehicles, Minivan
  • Tour Leader: Taylor-made adventure, Special Interest
  • Full Board Meals: Chef & Cook
  • Shamanic Rituals & Full Time Interpretations
  • Gratitude Fee: for Rituals of Shaman & Helpmates
  • Entrance Fee: Protected areas, National Parks
  • Tickets: Museums, Temples, Cultural Performance, Horseback riding (Optional), Camping Equipment
  • 14 days of immersive training and skill ... 

Total Investment: $4500 USD per person(+ $1100 Supplemental if Private Room)


Shine Sukhbaatar

Having over 30 years experience in the Mongolian Highland, and the Nomadic Khusug, along with Ayan Trails, Shine is going to take us on a Journey to lands not yet explored by humans.  

These are new destinations, meaning tourists have not touched the ground yet! We will be the first!


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