Do you feel some days you are triggered easily? Say something that you wish you hadn't said or reacted in a way that was helpful?


What if there was a way to interrupt those knee-jerk responses and make a different choice?


In this video series Love The Skin You're In, You will discover how to shift the energy of the outcome and much Much More!


Watch Video Below For a Glimpse!



💟  Along your journey is how to connect to and utilize your Energy Body.

💟  Find the Blocks (Strongholds) that are holding you back and clear them.

💟  How to transform and wake up, through discovery.

💟  Exercises that you will be able to apply to your life and utilize almost immediately to experience the world in a new vibrant way.

💟  How you can become clear and present in the body, while releasing the clutter, the noise, and debris that gets in the way.

I will show you how to feel or sense energy in a very tangible simple way, along with building up the momentum of energy.

Create the life Spirit will awaken in you.

As you begin this transformation, things will become clear. It’s not because things are clearing up. It’s because when you start to work with energy, you start tapping into your intuition and a plethora of other states of awareness.

Join us for energetic awakening opportunity!



Set of Four Videos

🌟  Video One- The Fundamentals

🌟  Video Two- One Step Further

🌟  Video Three- Elements

🌟  Video Four Bonus Video- Energetic Tools

🌟  PLUS Three Printable/Interactive Workbooks


Create the life spirit will awaken in you.

Join Love the Skin You're In to start healing, shifting, transforming and manifesting to create the life of your dreams.


Erica Thibodeaux

Tonya, you saved me. I saw your face and felt a twist in my pancreas. Then my blood sugar went down by almost 100 in a few minutes! You are a miracle.

Rochelle Lloyd

Tonya Dee! I just want you to know how very much I have appreciated your caring advice, giving spirit & shared knowledge. It’s obvious that you practice what you preach. I mean look at you! You glow. And when a person can walk into a room & bring along that sort of warm light