Sacred Spirit Circle

Next Live Guided Meditation will be  03/05/2023

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Live Guided Meditation

We have entered the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit, the Nature Clan in the Dagara and of course it's 2023!

Being that Pisces, the 12th house of Self-Undoing, the Subconscious, Psychic Gifts - our connection to Spirit, or how we connect with Spirit - Neptune. 

If your Sun Sign is in the 12th house, you are more than likely a Spiritual Intuitive, a psychic or even a medium. Having planets in the 12th house too, or look to Neptune, the Moon and Water signs.

Also in numerology the 7, the spirit, what we sense.   

Being that Neptune has been traveling through its home sign at the end degrees of Pisces. We have been feeling more of our intuition. Our connection to the realm of Spirit. 

The Angelic Being for the Season of Pisces is Sandalphon, the Brother. Delivering our Prayers and Messages to God.

Bring a Friend, a Guest or someone who you "feel" needs access to possibly, some magic.

I am here to assist you . . .

A Gathering of Souls

Sacred Spirit Circle

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