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Live Guided Meditation

Not only are we entering a New Year, but also the Season of committing to our heart. Heart-Felt commitments, also known as Capricorn.  

Being that Capricorn, the 10th house of Career, Legacy, leaving your imprint in the World.

If your Sun Sign is in the 10th house, you are more than likely a hard worker, a business owner. Someone who is seen as an authority in there career or higher standing. 

Also in numerology the 8, the incisions in consciousness. What you let go of, cut away - and what you are consciously aware of. Endings and New Beginnings - different than Scorpio. 

Being that Saturn is navigating through the end degrees of Aquarius. We have been leveling up our responsibilities, frequenting what we heart felt feel responsible for. What we can commit to, and deciding through what we feel.  

The Angelic Being for the Season of Capricorn is "Azrael," translates to "Whom God Helps, also known as the angel of death, assists souls cross over, and consoles survivors, assisting in healing from grief. 

Bring a Friend, a Guest or someone who you "feel" needs access to possibly, some magic.

I am here to assist you . . .

Sacred Spirit Circle


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