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Let me help you gain clarity so you can confidently move forward.

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What is a Comfort Session?

A Comfort Session is a short versions of a Cowry Shell Divination ceremony.

In the ceremony, the shells reveal where you have energetic blocks. And I give you rituals to overcome them.

The shells also tell us if you're aligned with your purpose or not, and what you need to do to bring your gift into the world.

A Comfort Session is right for you if you're feeling lost, confused, and want to know if you're even headed on the right path or not.

The 2 biggest benefits my clients get from doing Comfort Sessions with me are:

1) They gain clarity on what they were feeling confused about,

And 2) They feel confident in following their purpose.

Just like Abhi here...

Abhi Chand

I came to Tonya when I was at a crossroads in life. I was confused about my career and whether or not following my passion was the right thing to do.

In my session with Tonya, she told me that I was exactly where I needed to be and that I am on the right path. Her words gave me confidence to continue following my purpose and build my business.

My session with her helped me gain clarity and remove all self-doubt that I had.

Thank you Tonya!

What You Can Expect in Your
1-on-1 Session With Me

Heal Trauma & Self-Sabotage

Our past trauma and hidden negative emotions lead us to self-sabotage. I will help you release and let go of hidden trauma so you can move freely towards your goals.

Get Back on Track

Are you struggling in your business, career, love-life or relationships, and don't know why? I will help you overcome the underlying reasons and remove them from their source.

Get What You Want From Life

Once we remove the inner blocks that are holding you back, and align you with your purpose... you will naturally flow towards what you want out of life.

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Hi, I'm Tonya. Your Spiritual Guide & Healer

I am a holistic Sha'Medium (Shaman + Medium) who bridges the gap between the physical and energetic world. It's in the energetic world where I do my work to help my clients heal, overcome their self-sabotage, and find a path forward to help them bring their gift into the world.

I believe everything that happens to us actually happens for us. Even the messed up things along the way.

If you're feeling lost, stuck and can't figure out what to do to move forward...

...Hop on a free 20 minute Comfort Session with me to let me give you the guidance you're looking for.

What People Say About Sessions With Me

Maria M

"Tonya Is Insightful and Very Wise with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful for her Guidance in a recent session with her. It’s opened my eyes to Possibilities I’d Never Considered Before."



Rich Fabert

I can not say enough amazing things about Tonya. She has been there for me through some of my most difficult struggles.

I am someone who has struggled with addictions over the years. [The] energetic level of healing that she has provided me with has been incredibly beneficial.

Kim Gunderson

I can't say that I have ever encountered someone who is so generous of her heart and spirit.

I reached when I was feeling a little desperate because I live in an area where there is horrible fires. Tonya gave me practical and clear direction that was infused with magic.

Let Me Help You Get Unstuck and Find Your Path Forward

On your free 20 minute Comfort Session, I will help you:

  • Identify the energetic roadblocks in your path
  • Tell you how you can overcome them so you can stop self-sabotaging
  • And help you live your purpose and bring your gift to the world.

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