An Evening of Elemental Energy

Curious to how the Five Elemental Theory can help you understand your current state of Wellness, thru the Tell Tale signs of the Skin?  

You have arrived for an Evening of Elemental Energy to learn about the Five Element Theory, Chakras and More!

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You've heard of The Five Element Theory, Right?

The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

These Five Elements show us How all things are connected. Whether it's our structures and/or systems in our body, how we are All connected to the natural world.

The Five Elements And Wellness

Each of the Elements has its own Energy and Spirit. Along with a certain quality of Energy, represented by its Specific Vibration and/or Frequency. That Energy has its own reason for Being and plays a part in keeping the Body alive and well.

Everything in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is classified within the 5 Elements. Esthetic conditions being the result of an Energetic imbalance can be traced to the energy of the Specific Organ. For example, if you have dry skin and wrinkles you have a Metal Energy imbalance.

Do you ever wonder why certain skin conditions flare up during the course of your Lifetime?

Do you have certain Physical or Mental characteristics that reoccur during a certain Season?

If your answer is YES, then you have an Energetic imbalance. Learn to read the "tell-tale" signs given by your Body and personalize your Energetic treatment.

Join An Evening of Elemental Energy to discover the secrets of the Five Elements theory and conquer your energetic imbalances!


Uncover Elemental Issues

Learning a Healing Modality that has been around for ages in An Evening of Elemental Energy! Save Your Seat, Handout included. See you on the other side!

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Whats Included In This Class?

An Evening of Elemental Energy is a Video class that includes a handout and access to the Musing club private facebook page.

What Are all the Topics Covered in This Class?

The Five Element Theory, Phytobiodermie, Chakras, Yin and Yang, Five Seasons and More!

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