Changing Faces

 An intimate memoir,  get some giggles as Tonya Dee shares her relationship highlights and low lifes.

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At an intersection of Who Am I? and What Do I Really Want? We find the author, Tonya Dee , standing pigeon-toed in stiletto heels. Tall, elegant, beautiful and confused - "What direction should I go?"

Sex goddess, breadwinner, mother to a teenage son, money-tree to a series of loser-lovers, ardent defender of romance, little girl who needs a hug from daddy, competitive business woman, seeker and discoverer. If Tonya saw what she really wanted, would she even recognize it?

"I Loved It! Very Interesting and Great, that when I was reading it, I had a hard time putting it down!! Made Me Laugh, and Cry Simultaneous"

Joan Besst

"This book is great! You don't want to put it down."

Stacy Hardy

"Great read! Lot's of funny stuff!"

Amy Babcock

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Chapter Two Excerpt 

Back to the Airport

Entering the cabin of the plane, I depart my life here and rejoin my spirit, my astral journey. Flying away is a metaphor for just that, flying away. 

I see all my past relationships in a new order when I’m afforded some physical and psychic distance. Over the years, I have made mistakes and missteps, violating my own personal code time and again. There are many intersections in life and few of us pick the right path the first time around. Like most of us, my personal code was developed when I was young, earnest and callow. While it has served me well, it has been ill-fitting and inhumane at times, too. 

Essentially, when it came to relationships, my personal code assisted me in finding and maintaining a relationship that possessed all the things I liked about marriage but without the negative drawbacks. I wanted an exclusive, intimate pairing with a partner who was my friend, companion, confidant and lover. Someone who, for better or worse, would stand by me when life’s uncertainties arrived; and, someone I could be there for when they needed me. I wanted to build a secure future that included a home where we could gather as a family and be at peace. A place to come back to when our adventures were over and take refuge in when trials and tribulations came knocking. A relationship that would prevail and be everlasting - at least for this lifetime. How naïve I was! 

Let me say their names out loud: Tom, Brad, The Pilot, Mister Teeny-Weeny, Mr. Cabin Man, Mr. New York, and now, Arthur. I have loved them all, each for different reasons but all in an attempt to capture or fulfill my fairytale dream. I have had many learning experiences, but despite this I have made the same mistakes again and again. Perhaps it was meant to be. Perhaps they are not mistakes. Perhaps, we must risk and fail, and risk and fail before we are finally rewarded.In-between these men I have loved were others, many others; minor players in my grand education and three-ringed circus-love life. Oh my, what have I done?


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