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What is the Musing Club?

The Musing Club is a Corridor for what ails you. An Online Venue into the Garden of Spirit and Soul Authenticity. It's a Stage by Stage, Act by Act, way to get you on your pathway, A venue of curiosity that lives in us all. 

An Inspired Curriculum, a Garden, a way to create the Being You are Meant to Be. Choose the Course that resonates with you. We are all energetic beings with a desire to be the authentic spirit of our soul capital. Simply choose the Venue that resonates within you.


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Meet Tonya Dee

I am a Holistic Sha'Medium who is passionate about changing lives, igniting passions, and awakening the spirit!

Before there was any online intuition or guidelines, I was on my own in my Spirit Space, commonly known as the “Etheric Highway.”  

During my  journey I discovered that healing is actually assisting others in their journey, helping them achieve their dreams.

I teach what I have experienced, and tools that I work with consecutively, along with consistently. Creating Habits, Rituals and Daily Sparks to get your own Energy Flowing.

I encourage you to Explore this Corridor to find what ails you, start a new path, and create the life of your dreams!




"Thanks Tonya Dee!! For Working with me to develop my customized Program that fits my lifestyle and Personality"

- Aimee Whetman, Utah

"Tonya Is Insightful and Very Wise with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful for her Guidance in a Recent session with her. It’s opened my eyes to Possibilities I’d Never Considered Before"

-Maria M, Melbourne, Australia

"Two Years of Musing! What can I even say. Thank You for Always Being the Voice of Reason!!! Much Love!"


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