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What is the Musing Club?

The Musing Club is a Corridor for what ails you. An Online Venue into the Garden of Spirit and Soul Authenticity. It's a Stage by Stage, Act by Act, way to get you on your pathway, A venue of curiosity that lives in us all. 

An Inspired Curriculum, a Garden, a way to create the Being You are Meant to Be. Choose the Course that resonates with you. We are all energetic beings with a desire to be the authentic spirit of our soul capital. Simply choose the Venue that resonates within you.


Benefits of Becoming a Musing Club Member

Benefit One

Learn from home, at your own pace and on your own time. 

Benefit Two

An ever evolving platform, that can take you from point A to Z, or Just jump in where you feel you resonate. 

Benefit Three

Continually Explore the World of Spirit with Like Minded Muser's. Allowing your Gifts to Flourish as will you.

Musing Club Highlights

Join and Engage in the Latest Additions to the Musing Collective

Be the Rainbow that illuminates the Moon,

Be the Galaxy that surrounds the Sun.

Be the Star that ignites the Heart,

Be the Soul that Inspires the Spirit,

Be the Dream that inhabits your B'ing

Just "BE"

~ Tonya Dee ~

Explore the Musing Corridor

The Auric Field is your Galactic Frontier

You are your own Product with your own Vital Ingredients.

Welcome to my Corridor - I will see you on the OtherSide.

Endorsement ~ Cyndi Dale, Author Intuitive Healer

Tonya is one of the most precise and talented energy workers I have ever been honored to know, and absolutely excels at "psychic surgery."

Her ability to conceptualize the energetics causing a difficulty is unsurpassed. Even more important, she can transform those challenges with her unlimited capacity to create good where there is harm. Her depth, wisdom, intuition, and spiritual capabilities are absolutely astounding. 

Endorsement ~ Erica Thibodeaux, MS, LPC, Mental Health Therapist

My insulin pump was not delivering insulin for a few hours. My blood sugar is very high and my insulin supplies are checked on the plane. I had a few hours of flying and I just needed to get to Minnesota and to my luggage safely. I reached out for any other worldly support.

Tonya reached out replying," Sending healing streams your way".

I felt her presence and I also feel like I sound crazy. My blood sugar dropped by 100!

Tonya, you saved me. I saw your face and felt a twist in my pancreas. Then my blood sugar went down by almost 100 in a few minutes! You are a miracle.

"“Thanks Tonya Dee!! For Working with me to develop my customized Program that fits my lifestyle and Personality”"

- Aimee Whetman, Utah

""Tonya Is Insightful and Very Wise with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful for her Guidance in a Recent session with her. It’s opened my eyes to Possibilities I’d Never Considered Before""

-Maria M, Melbourne, Australia

"Two Years of Musing! What can I even say. Thank You for Always Being the Voice of Reason!!! Much Love!”"


Tune In. Engage. Read. Watch.

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