Evening of Elemental Energy

You asked for it, Why? You are curious about Energetic Skin Care, the Elements and Energy



Understanding the Chinese Five Element Theory in Relation to the Skin.

Subtle Energies

Energy is the Medicine of the Future. Incorporating High Vibrational Serums or Light to Energy Centers or Pathways, for Healing.

Generates A
Healing Practice

Are you feeling the call to add Energy Medicine to your Healing Practice?  Quantum Energy Healing through the Skin

Here's What You'll Learn

By Joining me, I have included two Recordings from 2022, and 2021, in this Training, along with a Hand-Out, covering the Five-Elements and the Skin. How you can utilize the Method, the Theory, along with the Practice to Generate a Healing Income.

I’ll teach you how to take Energy Medicine, through the modality of the skin, to heal conditions based on a Method that has been around for thousands of years. Also incorporating the Energy Centers, the Chakra's for an all encompassing, evolutional - no other in the World, kind of healing sessions for you clients. A Must for Energy Healers and Technicians, taking Health to a Quantum Level. ARE. YOU. IN?  

Open the Door to Energy Medicine & the Skin Today

Click the button to get the training program now and start paving an Energetic Way to lay your Healing Foundation Business. The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.


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