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Add my Meditation to Cleanse and Recalibrate your Energy Centers. This Meditation can be add to your daily rituals to raise your vibration!

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Energy Reading Offer

If you are ready for  your Energy Session now and start integrating positive life giving energies then purchase the "Hour" Session!

What you'll get:

  • On Hour Session Via Zoom

Energy Sessions are designed to support you through your Energetic System (Centers, Pathways, and Fields) as you go about your daily life. A combination of a "standard" session - for your mind, spirit, body and soul - with a form of energy medicine, that also assists the Energetic System in a way that resonates more easily, integrating positive life giving energies.

In our every day lives, we are interacting with many influencers, both seen and unseen. Whether we realize it or not, these influencers create imbalance in various parts of our Energetic World, including the centers, fields, pathways and more. The "inherited" baggage contained in the vast store of information in our DNA, Epigenetics, even Ancestral - can also create havoc, without us even realizing it. Just one alone can create discomfort, overwhelm and even Dis-Ease.

A significant advantage of adding the Energy Medicine component is to support the body energetically. When our Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit are in alignment we are able to live our true purpose and achieve our potential.

What People Are Saying:

Tonya Is Insightful and Very Wise with her Intuitive Gifts. I am Grateful for her Guidance in a Recent session with her. It’s opened my eyes to Possibilities I’d Never Considered Before.

Maria M

Tonya provided me with the rough draft of the Buttercup meditation some months before polishing it up and offering it formally to her clients. After years of utilizing recorded guided meditations, I can state confidently that this is the most effective I’ve ever heard. If employed as a daily practice, it is a game changer; indeed a life changer!

Arielle Nicole