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Mongolian Adventure

14-Days in Mongolia! An Adventure to write home about. 

What you'll get:

  • Shamans
    • For many days of the the trip, we will be traveling with shamans who will guide us in ritual and magic of the land. (From out Guide). 
    • Spirit Animals (aka, power or totem animals), are deeply rooted in shamanic healing folklore. It is believed that every human has a spirit animal at their side - protecting them from danger and negative entities, acting as a spirit guide, of sorts. It is also believed, that the animal will lend its unique skills & wisdom, to whomever they are protecting. For example, someone with a hawk as a spirit animal may have really great eyesight.
    • If your spirit animal gets lost or leaves your side, a shaman can go into the realm of spirit and 'retrieve' the animal, the same way she can retrieve a 'lost soul.' In shamanic traditions, it is also believed that, when a human has no spirit animal(s) by their side, they risk illness and general bad luck.


  • Hot Springs
    • Shargalijuut themal spring water resort is located in the beautiful scenery along the bank of Sharaljutt River in Erdenetsogt Sum of Bayanhongor province. Height: in the mountain slope and elevated 2150 meter above sea level. River: The Shargalijuut river flows through out the 4 seasons of the year. Climate: Four seasons in a year and by the effect of hot spring evaporation, climate is comparatively warm and humid. 


  •  Elsen Tasarkhai (Sand Dunes) 
    • Part of the Mongol Els sand dunes, which stretch from the Tuv, Uvurkhangal, and Bulgan provinces all the way west to become part of the Khugnu Khan Mountain Range. The sand dunes are 80 km long un total. Dividing the southern part of the sand dunes with the so-called northern Mongolian sand.


  • and MORE!

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Space is Limited to 10 People Minimum and 15 People Maximum