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Voices of the Other World

This is your Invitation to Collaborate with OtherWorldly Beings!

The Voices of The Other World Immersion is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience.

With Handouts, Video's, Discussions, and and tailored support You’ll leave this Immersion with the knowledge to connect to OtherWorldly Beings!

After your purchase you will experience:

  • 9 Live Sessions with Q & A
  • Special Addition Sessions
  • Digital Handouts
  • Guided Meditations


Portal 1 & 2

Intro to Connecting to OtherWorldly beings, Creating Community, Elemental Realm, Elemental Beings, and more!

Portal 3

Element of Fire, The Ancestors, Dreams & Visions. Diving deeper, Elemental Realm & Looking through the Eye of the Creator.

Portal 4

Water Elements, Water Elemental Beings, Connection to Water, Kontomble, & Shapeshifting.

Portal 5

Elemental Earth, Elemental Earth Beings, Connection: Creating a Sacred Earth Alter & Earth Star.

Portal 6

Mineral  Element, Metal Element, Elemental Beings of Mineral and Metal, Connection to Mineral,  Higher Self, Siura & Amulets.

Portal 7

Wood Element, Nature Beings, Connection to Nature, Totems & Talismans, Wedame', & Spirit Animals.

Portal 8

Original Earth Beings, Planetary Immersion, Off World, etc.

Portal 9

Integration of: Offerings, Ritual, Magic, Ceremony & Subtle Energy.